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Load Cells
Web Tension

Weight Controller programming.
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Rice Lake 920i
Manual ingredient tracking, automatic batching, waste monitoring and web tension control are just a few application examples where we have provided out customers with a solution to satisfy specific needs.
IWSystems writes the 920i program so changes can be quickly made should the install not quite match the initial specifications.
Recipe & lot number data for Manual Ingredient stations:
Eliminates many problems associated with operator data recording.
Recipe ingredient steps are saved with actual and set-point values.
Each ingredient is tracked by lot number and accumulated.
Recipe records can be imported to spreadsheets and/or e-mail in comma separated values for importing or saved to a USB stick.
When lot numbers change the old lot numbers and accumulated totals a
Waste Monitoring
The 920i along with a scale integrated into your waste lift station allows you to track waste generated in individual production areas. The dumped cycle weights are saved and the area totals e-mail every shift or daily.
The data can also be written to a USB stick as a backup. An accumulating total is displayed and your waste company e-mailed for pick up on reaching a set-point.
Add on pressure monitoring for compactor full detection.
Our system can detect corrugate or garbage bin hydraulic pressure ignoring spikes to increment a cycle counter on high pressure. when high pressure counts hit a set-point the system will e-mail for a pick up
Automatic and manual Filling and/or discharging applications
Send us your application details and we will quote on a software and system package to meet your needs.
Manual Additive  PDF
Waste Control  PDF


Visual Basic, PLC or Weight Controller programming.
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Industrial grade PC's
Panel mounted rugged operator interface NEMA-4 rated,
touch screen operation.
Size and features selected to meet your application requirements.
Networked I/O modules
Reduce your field wiring, 2 wire communications to remote I/O location.
Up to 4000 feet from the PC communicating on an RS-485 network.
Control your process using Inputs, Outputs, Temperature, pulse, analog just to name a few of the many modules available.
Model   Click model number for data specifications
Protocol converters
7520   RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 converter
7561   USB to RS-232/422/485 converter
Digital I/O modules
7017   DC Inputs (10 differential or 20 single-ended, V, mV, mA)
7018   DC Inputs (10 differential V, mV, mA, thermocouple)
7015   RTD Input Module (6 channel 2/3 wire)
7033   RTD Input Module (3 channel 3/4 wire)
7024   DC Output Module (4-channel 14-bit, mA or VDC)
7051   DC Digital Input Module (16-channel Isolated)
7045   DC Digital Output Module (16-channel Isolated)
7055  DC Digital Input/Output Module (8 inputs, 8 outputs)
7058  AC Digital Input Module (8 channel isolated 80-250VAC)
Contact IWSystems for other available I/O modules.
Hardware and software Package  (PLC or Visual Basic program) supplied by Industrial Weighing Systems.
Contact us and we will tailor a system to your application specifications.
Add a low cost Mini PLC to one of our Weight controllers
Flexible programmable control system for single/multi ingredient batches.
24VDC DIN Rail mount, space saving design.
Expandable I/O to suit small to large applications.
Support documentation, programming software and training included.


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