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Load Cells
Web Tension

Web Tension control
Transducers and Instrumentation
IWSystems provides sensors and instruments to monitor and or control your product tension.
Full bridge foil gauged sensors provide reliable repeatability and linearity
Temperature compensated for large changes in operating environment.
Application sizing programs PROGRAMMABLE
Provide us your details:
Web width, roll weight, input angle, exit angle, maximum tension. sketch.
We will select appropriate sensors and instruments.
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TS Load Cells Tension Sensors        
TS Series (roll shaft coupling sensors)
Magpower's Full Bridge Strain Gauge transducers are extremely accurate when used to measure tension in any unwind, rewind, or intermediate web application. Sensors incorporate a dual beam construction design to insure linear output under all loading conditions.
  • Low profile design allows maximum web widths
  • Multiple mounting options for maximum flexibility, Three coupling styles
  • Mechanical overload stops both directions
  • Inch and Metric models for international installations
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GTS Series  (Pillow block mounting sensors)
 Increased sensor capacity up to 7500 Kgs (16,000 Lbs) each.
 Full Bridge Strain Gauges maintain optimum accuracy and stability
 Ready for Installation -  pre-drilled to accept Inch or Metric bearings
 Positive overload stops prevent load cell damage
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TSU Series  (Pillow block mounting sensors)
Simply bolt the Magpower model TSU heavy-duty load cell under your existing roll support bearings, they will accurately measure the tension forces exerted on the roll created by the web. For accuracy, mount one TSU under each pillow block bearing supporting the roll. When installed in this manner, the web tension is measured over the entire roll width.
  • Rugged industrial construction, simple installation
  • Positive overload stops in both compression and tension
  • Foil strain gauges (full Bridge), temperature compensated.
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