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Load Cells
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New Products
Cylinder / Barrel Scale
Mild steel deck with easy roll on lip in three sizes..
  60 Kg, 18" x 18" deck, lifting handle.
150 Kg, 24" x 24" deck, lifting handle and wheels
300 Kg, 30" x 30" deck, lifting handle and wheels.
Custom size or capacity available, made in Canada.
Add a simple display or 920i controller to monitor multiple scales at once.  Ideal for Chlorine loss in weight cylinders.

Large Digit Over/Under Check Weigher
New 40MM (1.5") LCD display.
Backlight changes colour for Under/OK/Over set-points.
Colour and intensity can be changed in SET-UP.
5 function waterproof pad, 24 bit A/D, 200 updates/sec
Suitable for table, column or wall mount.
Built in rechargeable battery, 40 hour operating time.
Can connect to your existing load cell scale bases.
Contact info@iwsystems.ca for additional details.
Serial Data Recorder
New Smaller Size, RS-232 data recording memory-card.
Replace printers or add IN LINE as a back up.
Can record both transmitted and received data.
Multi-Cell Transmitters / Displays
Monitor 1 to 4 individual cells or 4 separate systems.
PLC outputs  to integrate with any automation system.
Din Rail, Panel, Bench or Wall mounted versions.


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